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  • Launched: A trio of new websites

    Business has been constantly growing at LightningHammer since we opened up shop. We had a great holiday and we are pushing forward into 2011. We've been so busy designing and developing that we haven't had a chance to post a few of our recent projects.

  • United Tool and Mold website revamp

    LightningHammer has just released a new revamped website for United Tool and Mold. The website has a new updated look and feel along with new updated content, photos, and integrated google maps.

    Site Features include:

    Swing by the site and take a look:

  • LightningHammer serves up a CMS and Video Production for Kreative Kustom Motorsports

    We are back at it again with Rhem Galloway of Rhem Galloway Design, LLC. Rhem approached us to take her website design for Kreative Kustom Motorsports and turn it into a site with CMS capabilities. We customized LightningCMS to provide a back-end CMS to match and maintain Rhem's highly custom design.

    On top of the website, Kreative Kustom Motorsports wanted to wow their customers with a 3D Logo introduction video. We converted their Logo to 3D and created all the animation with Lightwave 3D®. Once the animation was running smoothly we teamed up with Idryonis Studios where they added sound, music, and special effects.

  • LightningHammer and Bounce launch two sites.

    In the past few months we have had a wonderful opportunity to work with The Bounce Agency on a few web projects. The Bounce Agency provided their superb vision and we turned it into reality. Take a look below to see the first of many projects developed with The Bounce Agency.

  • Filter Real Estate launches new website

    In conjunction with Rhem Galloway of Rhem Galloway Design, LLC, LightningHammer has launched a new website for Filter Real Estate.

    Filter Real Estate offers various services and plans to serve as a hub for Real Estate news and information.

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