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We are an agile web development group that combines creativity with functionality to create extraordinary web applications.

At LightningHammer, we believe that design and function go hand in hand. A professional design with a simple yet functional user interface will give a user peace of mind while visiting your site. We take the extra steps to make sure your target audience has the best possible online experience.

The Team

  • Roger Frederick Founder / Creative Director

    Roger provides the design direction and all the flashy images that find their way to your projects. With over 10 years in web design and development, and even longer in graphic arts (he's been doing this since he was a kid), Roger can turn your ideas and vision into something cool and cutting edge.  In addition to providing the overall look and feel for our projects, Roger also works in 3D design and development.

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  • Keith Storm Founder / Lead Developer

    With a passion for "function", Keith is the one that makes sure all the pretty stuff actually works. Keith has been programming and developing websites for 8 years with a wide variety of technologies. Keith also heads up our Mobile Application development team, making apps for iOS and Android. When he isn't working he enjoys spending time with family, catching a flick, and playing Xbox.

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  • Thomas Cannon Lead Applications Developer / Applications Testing

    Thomas is the newest member to the LightningHammer team. He hails from Clemson University and specializes in data models, databases, and web applications. He is a cutting-edge code-hipster and enjoys programming outside the box using the latest open-source SKDs and methods. One of his passions is setting up our bullet-proof testing environments for all our new applications

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  • Clyde HammondSoftware Architect / CTO

    Clyde is one of our longest-known partners and often gets involved with our larger projects that require some programming engineering and advanced planning. With skills ranging from mobile development to custom databases, Clyde can push some of our application projects to the next level with well designed features and strong coding methods.

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  • Allison Reich Associate - Graphic Design

    Meet Allison, who has years of experience in practical design and website creation. If you need something with a slick design, brilliant layout, or colorful imagery, Allison is the gal for the job. We bring Allison in for some of our more design-intensive projects, and she often brings some of her personal design clients over to meet LightningHammer for some programming goodness.

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  • Chris Potako Videographer / Photographer

    Chris Potako is one of our associates who is called in when we need some specialty service for our clients. With skills ranging from video production using Adobe After Effects, rendering using Lightwave, or special photography, Chris can set us up with some fantastic looking content in a very short time. In addition, he has some awesome music and audio talent that can make our multimedia projects really rock.

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