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website design

  • Custom Landing Page

    Everything you need for your web campaign or focus product, we will provide a professional, clean design that will vibrantly communicate your marketing concept. A single page that captures the essence of your message, as well as the analytics of those visiting it.

    See a sample of a Landing Page.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $999

  • Customized Template

    Choose from one of our pre-made templates, and we will add your logo, set up your navigation, and lay out your starting content. All you have to do is provide us with your logo, some basic information, and you’re all set to show the world your new website!

    Check out some of our templates.

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  • MicroSite

    Have an additional product, service, or company branch you need to get on the web quickly? Need a small, quick-turnaround web presence for a marketing campaign? Our MicroSites are usually between 3-5 pages, but can utilize up to 10 pages. They can be set up very quickly from marketing comps with your own branding, logos, and content, and support full analytics and tracking.

    See a sample of a MicroSite.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $1799

  • Business/Enterprise

    Need a professional-level site that not only looks good, but has features and social integration backing it up to make your company a real presence on the internet? Our Business level or Enterprise level sites will fit the bill. In addition to expanded page limits and storage space, our Pro sites allow for multiple users, secure pages, and multiple templates.

    See a sample of a Business site.

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web applications

  • Real Estate Listings

    Have a Real Estate project that requires a non-standard back-end? Need a smaller, customized Real Estate search with unique features? We can build a small personalized system that fits your specific needs. Administration interface, advanced searching, keywords and tags, image galleries and videos-- you can pick and choose each feature you need and we'll create your very own solution.

    See a sample of a Real Estate site.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $4499

  • eCommerce

    You want an easy to use, quickly deployable eCommerce system that has all the standard features you need but not all the complications. We have the system for you. Our LightingCMS eCommerce is as easy to use as our standard CMS sites, we just set up the templates to accept your products or services and you can start selling off the internet in no time!

    See a sample eCommerce site.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $3899

  • Social/Data Portal

    If you have an idea for a new kind of social network, or just need some specialized data available to the public or a select group of individuals, we can build you a totally custom data portal that can harvest and serve data up through searching or browsing.  Include a mobile component, and you can reach a wide range of customers.  Add interactive galleries, video, and audio, and we can make your project social as well as informational.  

    See a sample of a Data Portal.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $15499

  • Custom Systems

    Modern web systems require a cutting edge UI, smartly designed databases, and a trouble-free environment.  LightningHammer knows UI, databases, and testing. Whether you need a system for an online information portal, data services for a mobile app, or just need some designing help, we can get the job done for you. And if data import and conversion is something you need, that's also a specialty of ours-- make that data you have work for you!

    See a sample of a data driven site.

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mobile apps

  • iOS Data Feed App

    Do you have some data feeds that you'd like to have pushed to a native iOS application? We can build you an app that pulls all of your data in an elegant way with a beautiful UI, and publish it to the iTunes store.

    See a sample of a data feed app.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $1399

  • Android Conversion

    So we've built you an iOS app, but you also want it on the Android Play store? We can convert your app into the Android format and publish it to the Play store for you. Requires an iOS app built by us.

    Check out some samples.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $6999

  • Custom iOS App

    Have an idea for the next great mobile app, or need an internal iOS app for your business or company? Provide us with the specs and we can work up a mobile app project for you and publish it either through your iTunes developer account or our own.

    See a sample of a custom app.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $4999

  • Geo-Location App

    Location-aware apps are very common these days, and if you need one we can develop one for your own business requirements. We will help you design your raw ideas into a working geo-location app that will provide added value to your company.

    See a sample of a geo-location app.

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graphics & media

  • Logos/Iconography

    If you need a logo design for your new business, a refreshed and modern logo from some old branding, or some graphic represetations for your existing branding, our designers can meet your needs. Logos, badges, icons, illustrations, and more!

    See logo samples.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $499

  • Branding Packages

    Need a complete new look and feel with professional branding documents to accompany your new website? Just want us to design a professional branding guide for marketing to create campaigns? We can consult with you to provide the perfect image!

    Check out some branding samples.

    Start a Project Nowstarting at $1299

  • Custom Video / Media

    If you need a professional video of your product or services, we can assemble a project in all the popular formats to meet your needs. Our expertise ranges from broadcast commercials to viral marketing movies. We also do 3D animation and effects.

    See a sample video.

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  • Graphics by the Hour

    Whether you need a photo edited, some slides for Powerpoint, charts and graphs for a project, or some marketing materials, we can design and create high-quality media in any format you may need. Projects and time vary greatly so contact us for more information.

    See graphics samples.

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