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  • facePLANT - Windows Live Writer Facebook Plugin source code released

    I haven't had much time to keep up with facePLANT, the Windows Live Writer plug-in for Facebook, so I decided I would post the source code on here so any developer can download and extend as they please. This code is provided as is and there is no implied warranty. It is free to use in personal and commercial applications.

  • Opening native apps using Appcelerator Titanium

    Ever needed to open a native app from your Appcelerator Titanium project? Read below for a simple method I put together. The below method works for Android and iOS.

  • Design Tip: Let's Make Shiny Buttons in Illustrator

    Shiny Buttons Tutorial Ok, are you ready to learn some basic steps to create shiny looking vector buttons in Illustrator? Let's get started. First you must have Illustrator!

  • Joshua Jay gets Unreal

    We're back at it again with Allison's Backstage. This time we created a new site for Joshua Jay's Unreal. Allison worked with Joshua Jay and Vinny DePonto to create the sleek design, while we took care of the HTML, CSS, and ticket sales through EventBrite.

  • Is your website mobile friendly?

    With the dawn of the smartphone, it is increasingly important that a website is usable not only on a desktop or laptop, but on a mobile device as well. Analysts are predicting that the future of web browsing will be dominated by mobile devices, with the personal computer taking a back seat. Fortunately, LightningCMS is up to the challenge and easily lends itself to duplicating your website content and displaying it in a mobile friendly template.

  • @MikeSuper gets a website upgrade courtesy of @LightningHammer and @Allie1138

    Mike Super, 2011 Entertainer of the Year and winner of NBC's hit series PHENOMENON, has given us the wonderful opportunity to develop his new website. The new design was crafted by the talented Allison's Backstage Design. Behind the scenes the site is powered by LightningCMS along with custom integration of twitter and youtube.

  • Celebrate @FreedomWeekend with the new website and mobile app.

    Spring is just around the corner and Freedom Weekend Aloft is drawing near. What better way to enjoy the event than with an updated website and FREE mobile app? For the first time, we have simultaneously released a website powered by LightningCMS and a supporting mobile phone application.

  • Launched: A trio of new websites

    Business has been constantly growing at LightningHammer since we opened up shop. We had a great holiday and we are pushing forward into 2011. We've been so busy designing and developing that we haven't had a chance to post a few of our recent projects.

  • UPDATED: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere! hits the App Store

    UPDATED: "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!" is now available on the Android Market. LightningHammer, in conjunction with SOTA Development, has released "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!" to the Apple App Store. "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!" is an application that will display locations where it is currently five o'clock from your current location.

  • Holiday Hours

    Our office will be closed from Noon on the 23rd of December to Monday, January 3rd. 

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