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  • Introducing the Freedom Weekend Check-In Challenge

    Go out to Freedom Weekend Aloft over Memorial Day Weekend and you could win a FREE Xbox 360, Flip MinoHD, or iPod Shuffle. We've come up with the Freedom Weekend Check-In Challenge. When you "check in" to Freedom Weekend Aloft on Gowalla you'll be entered to win one of our great prizes. 

    Want to learn more? Click here to see the details.

  • Come check in with us on Gowalla, and grab our custom stamp.

    At LightningHammer, we're big fans of the location based service Gowalla. So when we heard some more custom stamps were up for grabs, we jumped on the opportunity to snag one for ourselves.

    The next time you're in the downtown Greenville area, feel free to add our stamp to your Gowalla passport. Not using Gowalla yet? It's FREE and it's a blast. Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

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