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  • LightningCMS Feature Additions: Blog Pagination

    Hot off the development floor comes another new feature for the LightningCMS blog element; blog pagination. Blog pagination is a simple feature that now displays a page navigation feature at the bottom of your blog lists that allows you to navigate to older blog posts by clicking on the desired page.  Note: pages generated by blog pagination are dynamic pages and will NOT count against the page limits of your website. To enable blog pagination, simply check the box to enable pagination and ...

  • LightningCMS Feature Additions: Blog Pings

    Several new updates are headed to LightningCMS this summer. The first update is now available for the LightningCMS blog element in the form of XML-RPC pings. XML-RPC pings are a way of notifying websites that your blog content has been updated.

  • B2B Media - Website Development

    B2B Media, a Vomela affiliated company specializing in fleet vehicle graphics, has launched a newly designed and developed website. They were looking for an easy to maintain system that was scalable for the future; LightningCMS was the answer. The site was designed in-house by B2B Media and developed by LightningHammer.

  • LightningCMS Update - Hidden, disabled, and linked pages

    Good news! A commonly requested update has now been rolled into LightningCMS; hidden, disabled, and linked pages no longer count towards your page limit. Often times a client would request a link in their site navigation to an external website or they wanted a parent category link that was not clickable.

  • Abbeville Chamber of Commerce - Website Development

    Previously hosted on a Joomla! content management system, the Chamber was having a hard time keeping the site up to date.  LightningHammer designed and created a new site that would match the new branding for the City of Abbeville's new website. Along with an easy to use LightningCMS setup, the site is integrated with a ChamberMaster software solution.

  • Abbeville, South Carolina - Website Development

    The City of Abbeville had been living with the limitations of their state hosted website for a while and they were ready for an update. They enlisted us to create a custom website design for them as well as provide a CMS (Content Management System) so they could keep the site updated and fresh.  The new fresh website the City has now is super user-friendly, beautiful easy-buttons, access to permits, an event calendar and so much more. Check it out and tell your friends!

  • Carolina Pride launches new website

    Carolina Pride, a popular name in the food industry, has decided to use LightningHammer as their website provider. Customers can browse the many products offered by Carolina Pride including nutrition information and meal tips. Plan your next meal with Carolina Pride!

  • Governor's School for the Arts site launched

    LightningHammer was selected by The Governor's School for the Arts Foundation to design and develop a new website. The foundation works in collaboration with the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities to create extraordinary experiences for students, teachers, donors and the state-wide community. We enlisted the talents of artist Allison Reich to create the new design, while the site is powered by LightningCMS.  Click here to visit the site.

  • Four new websites launched

    We've been working like busy little bees around here the past few months. So busy we haven't had a chance you fill you in on what we've been up to. Over the past few months we have launched four new websites (and we have a couple more that are almost ready).

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