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What is the difference between a Native App and Mobile Website?

We get asked this many times, the easy answer is a Native App runs as a program, and usually all the data and images are stored right on the device.  A Mobile Website is a website that is formatted to fit most mobile browsers, and will run in a mobile browser window.  We do both kinds of projects here at LightningHammer, and we'll help you to decide which is best for you!



Why Are Android Apps More Expensive?

At LightningHammer, we are primarily an iOS mobile app developer, but we will convert our apps over to Android when the client requests it.  But why does it cost more than the original iOS app?  Well, the answer is simple, really-- time. 

      Converting to Android is just about the same thing as starting a new project for Android, using the iOS app as a guide.  Android handles data differently, the coding structure is different, and most of the graphics and icons need to be re-rendered for the Android platform.  In addition, Android does not handle animation as well as the iOS devices, and often looks jerky and stuttery (known as "jank"). More time must be spent with the Android app to make it appear more "refined".

     If that isn't complex enough, there are many different versions of Android operating systems and device screen sizes out there.  We have to take into account as many different flavors of Androids that we realistically can.  And as a finishing touch, many phone makers and service providers will add their own layer on top of Android, which sometimes makes problems for any programs running.  This causes us to spend a lot more time with testing and troubleshooting, and along with the extra development and design time, makes for a longer project.

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