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What Kind of Project do you Need?

LightningHammer can customize web projects to any need, but we have some common types that are requested repeatedly. Here are the most common:

Customized Landing Page

A Landing Page site is a very small website that is typically used for a specific advertising campaign, product, or when tracking is needed for a period of time.  It is usually quick to develop and deploy.

Customized Template

We have many templates available with our LightningCMS web builder, and we will customize one for you to include your branding and content.


A MicroSite is a popular request, and it is basically a website that is under 10 pages... usually 3 to 5 pages.  It can also be for a targeted campaign that needs tracking, but we have also done them as brochure sites for very small businesses, announcement and information for new products, or specialized pages for branches of companies.

Business Website

A Business Website is a typical company website, with brochure-style information as well as more detailed information about the products or personnel of a company.  We usually recommend our 25 page sites or more for Business Websites, and we will often integrate a few custom components.

Enterprise Website

An Enterprise Website is the top-tier configuration of our Content Management System. It has unlimited pages, storage, and unlimited users.  It can be used for intranets as well as a full-featured outward facing website.  We can often integrate existing data into an Enterprise-level website.

Real Estate Listings or Brochure Site

Our LightningCMS system is ideal for easy-to-manage real estate websites.  In addition to the attractive front end, we integrate a customized real estate driven back-end that can show listings and details for houses, properties, or any locations. 

eCommerce Website

Our LightningCMS system has a built-in and easy-to-use eCommerce system that has a rich feature set.  It has a long list of eCommerce features, while maintaining a simple user-friendly interface.  We can set up product listings and details on any page, and the system is extremely flexible.

Social / Data Website

Social and Data driven websites can be large and complicated projects.  LightningHammer has an arsenal of tools that can make the development process easier to manage and more organized to deploy.  We focus on user-experience and application reliability, and we have a strict testing and monitoring procedure to back this up.

Custom Webapp and Website

If what you need is completely new or outside of the box, we're happy to sit down with you and design your dream application to meet whatever requirements you have. We will give you our best suggestions and rely on our years of expertise to help you develop an application that will make your company more efficient, profitable, and easier to manage.

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