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  • Real Estate Listings

    Have a Real Estate project that requires a non-standard back-end? Need a smaller, customized Real Estate search with unique features? We can build a small personalized system that fits your specific needs. Administration interface, advanced searching, keywords and tags, image galleries and videos-- you can pick and choose each feature you need and we'll create your very own solution.

    See a sample of a Real Estate site.

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  • eCommerce

    You want an easy to use, quickly deployable eCommerce system that has all the standard features you need but not all the complications. We have the system for you. Our LightingCMS eCommerce is as easy to use as our standard CMS sites, we just set up the templates to accept your products or services and you can start selling off the internet in no time!

    See a sample eCommerce site.

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  • Social/Data Portal

    If you have an idea for a new kind of social network, or just need some specialized data available to the public or a select group of individuals, we can build you a totally custom data portal that can harvest and serve data up through searching or browsing.  Include a mobile component, and you can reach a wide range of customers.  Add interactive galleries, video, and audio, and we can make your project social as well as informational.  

    See a sample of a Data Portal.

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  • Custom Systems

    Modern web systems require a cutting edge UI, smartly designed databases, and a trouble-free environment.  LightningHammer knows UI, databases, and testing. Whether you need a system for an online information portal, data services for a mobile app, or just need some designing help, we can get the job done for you. And if data import and conversion is something you need, that's also a specialty of ours-- make that data you have work for you!

    See a sample of a data driven site.

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