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You know how your business works, and what you need to do the job. And you also know that the tools out there don't do everything you need them to. They might be close, but not quite there, or you may have needs that aren't being addressed. That's where LightningHammer comes in: to provide you with custom web applications that perfectly complement your business.

Web applications are quickly becoming one of the most important parts of a company's success and productivity. Having a custom web application tailored to your needs multiplies the effects.

With a web application, you can access your information wherever and whenever you need to, freeing yourself from being tied to a desk or specific computer. And with the advancements in HTML5 and CSS3, the web is truly becoming a viable platform for your business's needs.

This is where LightningHammer comes into play: we take the cutting-edge technology and apply it to your business in the best ways possible.

We love building things for the web, but what we love most is solving problems and helping people do their jobs. And we care about our work, providing high-quality support that moves beyond answering your questions to helping you grow your business.

Every web application from LightningHammer uses automated testing during its development. This means less problems slip through the cracks, and we can quckly isolate any problems that occur. We also utilize tools that allow us to monitor your application's performance and overall health.

Choosing the right people to develop these tools is crucial. With years of experience, dedication to our work, and passion for our field; LightningHammer can help you create the tools you need to grow.

A Lightning Hammer Web Application
Will Provide:

  • Custom Solutions

    Building a custom web application allows you to remove the fluff surrounding premade solutions to focus on the features which matter most

  • Be Cutting-edge, Today

    With years of experience and a constant eye on the future, LightningHammer can implement the technology being pioneered every day to best suit your needs

  • More than just Support

    At LightningHammer, we take our work just as seriously as you take your business. We don't want to simply answer your questions, we want to help you expand and ensure you have the best tools possible.

  • Testing and Monitoring

    Every LightningHammer web application uses automated tested and is continually monitored when it goes live. This means less chance for human error and instant alerts if performance drops. Learn more about our testing and monitoring policies.

Some of the most exciting advancements from the past few years are:

  • A single web application can be written for desktop and mobile devices, customizing itself for each one.
  • Geolocation information can be used by a website, allowing for location-sensitive data to be utilized.
  • Information from a website can be stored locally (meaning you can acess your information without an internet connection).
  • A web application can update every connected user with new data simultaneously in real time.
  • Advanced drawing and 3D graphics are being supported without the need for additional software.

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